Custom Classification - Synchronized Tag Collections

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Stamp groups can be synchronized with a tag collection, either upon creation of the stamp group or by editing it after creation. When synchronized, a tag collection is created with the name 'StampGroup.' followed by the stamp group's name. The tag collection will contain a tag for each stamp within the stamp group.

Using Tags and Stamp Groups

Like other tag collections, tags from these tag collections can be assigned to team members, which in turn allows these tag collections to be used to create configurations using stamp group tag filters where only users with the appropriate tags can receive records with the corresponding stamp.

For Example

Distributor ' Web Leads' handles all distribution of leads generated by the web portal. A custom classification is in place which will stamp all incoming leads with a value score, based on a number of fields on the incoming record. The stamp group 'Value Score' has three stamps 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low'. This stamp group is synchronized with a tag collection, named 'StampGroup.Value Score.' Jessica is assigned the ‘High’ stamp and Hitesh is assigned the ‘Medium’ stamp from the tag collection. The 'Web Leads' distributor can implement a stamp group tag filter that looks at Stamp Group > Value Score. This would mean that any records stamped as a 'High' value score can only be assigned to Jessica, and any records with a 'Medium' value score can only be assigned to Hitesh.

As you can see from the example above, tag collections combined with custom classification allow for a lot of flexibility, even within a single distributor.

Updating Synchronized Tag Collections

Synchronized tag collections and their tags cannot be manually renamed, modified or deleted; instead, it will reflect any changes made to the stamp group. This includes updates to stamp names, which will update the appropriate tag names without having to change assignments.

Any updates to stamp names will require a backfill run to update already-stamped records.
If the synchronization is removed from the stamp group, then the tag collection, tags and all assignments are lost.

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