Widget - Introduction

Distribution Engine has a Widget which provides users the ability to toggle on/off, use pull distributors and view their assignments and missed SLAs. See below for instructions on adding the widget.  The widget is available in both classic and lightning versions of Salesforce and can be added to console and standard applications. 



Widget features

  • Toggle - If enabled in Distribution Settings, the toggle allows users to mark themselves unavailable. If this is toggled off a user will not receive assignments until they are toggled back on.
  • Teams - Classic widget only. Shows the teams the user is a member of and whether each team is currently within business hours to distribute records. 
  • Pull Distributors -  If Pull Distributors are in use, they will be listed in the dropdown here. A user can select the pull distributor they would like an assignment from and click to receive an assignment.
Pull distributions can only be performed if the Distribution Engine scheduler is enabled.
  • Assigned to Me 
    • Lightning Widget: The 'Assigned to Me' section shows five records that have been assigned to the current user via Distribution Engine. This list can be sorted by the user to show the oldest, the newest or those with the shortest remaining SLA time. Clicking 'Assigned to Me' shows all assignments to the current user from Distribution Engine.
    • Classic Widget: The new icon represents the records that have been assigned to the user in the last week that have not been reassigned or modified.
  • SLAs  
    • Lightning Widget: A countdown is shown for each record's remaining SLA time under the 'Assigned to Me heading'. Users are able to sort the assigned to me section so that those with the shortest remaining SLA time are shown first.
    • Classic Widget: A count of the records that a user owns that have missed the set SLAs is shown. A user can click the number to the right of the exclamation point to see a list of those records.
  • Real time notifications - You can optionally turn on Real Time assignment notifications (Distribution Settings page). A red dot will appear when a new assignment occurs. In the lightning widget a toast notification will also appear.
Real Time Notifications rely on Salesforce Platform Events. If enabled, an event is created for each assignment and user with the widget open. If you have a large number of assignments or active users, you may hit the Salesforce Platform Event limit. 

Adding the Widget


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