Skill Based Matching

It's common to assign cases to your teams based on their skills. But what happens when people have different levels of skills and what do you do when no one with the skill is available. The following setup shows how to setup skill matching to find the best available person in order of descending priority.

Example use case

A mobile phone service centre assigning cases to team members. The Case object has a field called Product which can be Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Microsoft phones. We have 3 agents Emilia, Mahesh and Nigel with varying skills.

Distribution Tags

We are going to set up two tag collections. Primary skill and Secondary skill.

  • Primary Skill: A skill the user has a high level of competence in. An expert in this field.
  • Secondary Skill: A skill the user has a basic level of competence in. 

We can now assign the tags. In this example Emilia is an expert (primary skill) in Android and iPhone and has some competence (secondary skill) in Blackberry and Microsoft. Mahesh has the opposite skillset, expert in Blackberry and Microsoft and basic competence in iPhone and Android. Nigel has no specialist skills in any of these areas.



Distributor Rules

Now we have our tags, how do we find the correct person. We would like to find someone in the following order of preference.

  1. An agent with a high level of skill in the product - primary skill match.
  2. An agent with a competence in the product - secondary skill match.
  3. Any available agent - no skill matching.

To achieve this we have created a team with three Scheduled Distributors. These run in order from top to bottom. High Skill, Low Skill and Any Agent. So when a case arrives it will ideally find an agent with a primary skill in the product. If none are found, it will attempt to find an agent with a secondary skill in the product. As a last resort the Any Agent rule will then assign to any agent who is available regardless of skill.



High Skill Distributor


Low Skill Distributor


Any Agent

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