Team Settings

Each team has various settings that you can optionally change. Most of these are advanced so you may not need them until you hit a more complex use case.

  • Team Name - Change the team name
  • Distribution Object - The object that the team will Distribute - note that this cannot be changed after team creation/
  • Description - A short description of the team, used throughout the app to identify it.
  • Team Filter - Add a team wide distributor filter
  • Assignment Field - Choose the assignment field records are assigned from/to
  • Active Status Field - Define active status (for capping / load balancing)
    • Active Status Values - Picklist values that will be considered Active
    • Apply Active Status to SLAs - Determine if SLA monitoring should only occur on records that remain in the defined Active Status
  • Active cap and balance by - Choose if the Active Cap and Load Balancing will be done by total count of records or sum of the field values. (e.g. balance by the value of opportunities rather than just the record count)
  • Load Balancing Type - Define if Load Balancing is done Daily, Weekly, Monthly or based on Active Status Count/Value (or Total Count/Value if no active status is defined) 
  • Round Robin Level - Set Round Robin to be across all Distributors in the Team or for each Distributor in the Team
  • Team Manager access - Define which users with the Distribution Engine Team Manager permission set have access to this team. All, specific users, or no users. Note: Distribution Engine Admins and System Managers have access to all teams.
  • Respect distribution hours for triggers - If trigger distributors have been enabled, choose if they should respect Team or Team Member hours
  • Enable Logging - Checked by default except for Queue to Queue Teams. This stores assignment logs for the duration set on the Distribution Settings Page



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