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The Distribution Engine package includes some new fields on lead, contact, opportunity, account and case objects. You can optionally add these to your page layouts. In addition DE includes an inline page and Lightning component to show DE information at a glance.  It's also good practice to enable history tracking so you can track field changes that might help troubleshooting later on.

Salesforce Classic - Distribution Engine Inline Page

Salesforce Lighting - Distribution Engine Record Detail

Enabling history tracking

To track ownership changes by Distribution Engine or by manual assignments, you can enable history tracking:

  • From the Fields page e.g. for Leads, in the Setup area go to Customize > Lead > Fields.
  • Click "Enable History Tracking"
  • Click "Enable Lead History" (or equivalent)
  • Select "Lead Owner" (or equivalent)
  • Save
Don't forget to add this to the page layout. Edit Page Layout and drag the history related list onto the page.

Advanced - adding individual DE fields to the layout

You can add individual DE fields to your page layout. This is generally not required since these are already shown on the inline page or component. See this topic for more: What's In the Package

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