Gorilla Upgrade Process

Distribution Engine Gorilla is now available on the AppExchange.  You can upgrade both production and sandbox orgs using the "Get it Now" button. When installing, you will be prompted to choose Sandbox or Production install. You will want to install for Admins Only. Please review the release notes for a list of features and changes. 

As with all releases, you will want to ensure all admins and managers, who access Distribution Engine, have the proper permission set and a managed package license assigned to them. These permission sets are updated as needed for access to features and fields related to Distribution Engine. 


SANDBOX: Before installing Gorilla in a Sandbox, Distribution Engine should be on the latest Fox release, 10.21.  All production orgs have patches pushed to them and are on 10.21. You will need to refresh your sandbox or upgrade it to 10.21 using this link. The version number can be checked under Installed Packages in Setup.

Post Install Maintenance

This release includes data updates that will allow for configuration changes to occur while Distribution Engine is running. To accommodate these changes, some Distribution Engine object data will be migrated to new objects. This data is Distribution Engine specific and will not modify any non-Distribution Engine objects. Once the application upgrade has completed via the AppExchange the additional processing of data will begin. During this process you will see a notification indicating the Distribution Engine is under maintenance and distribution will not occur.  For most upgrades this process will take 5-10 minutes but may take up to hour depending on how busy your org is or complex your DE configuration is.

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