Regional Holidays

Regional Holidays are dates and times when entire regions of teams will be unable to receive assignments; for example, on national holidays.

The Regional Holidays tab displays a list of all regional holidays defined on the org. By default, this will show the current year, but other years are available through the date filter. You can also filter to find holidays belonging to a particular region using the region filter, or by holiday name using the quick filter.

Regions and Holidays are read only for users with the Distribution Engine Team Manager permission set.

Adding a Regional Holiday

To add a regional holiday, click the Add regional holiday button.

Fill in the following details about the holiday;

  • Name - Name of this regional holiday
  • Region - The region that this holiday applies to
  • All-day - If selected, this holiday runs from 12am on the start date until 11:59:59pm on the end date. Otherwise, you will need to define the start and end times.
  • Starts  - The date and time this holiday starts.
  • Ends - The date and time this holiday ends.
  • Timezone - select the timezone this holiday should use.


Regional holidays can be edited or deleted from the row menu once created.

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