Round Robin

This is the default and most commonly used method. Sequential assignment among the team members ensures records are assigned out evenly. Distribution Engine updates a round robin sequence after every assignment. Team members who have not been assigned to recently are first in line for the next assignment.


Round Robin scope

The round robin scope determines whether the round robin order is independent per distributor or shared across the whole team. Scope is set at the team level on the team settings page and applies to all distributors on a Distribution Team.  There are two options available:

  • Distributor level round-robin - Each distributor within a team will have its own round-robin cycle independent of the other distributors in the team.
  • Team level round-robin - Assignments from all distributors in the team will be considered for the round-robin cycle. A team member that receives an assignment from the first distributor would go to the back of the line for an assignment from any of the other distributors in a team.

Sticky Assignment 

  • Allows for records of the same defined criteria to go to the same team member. See Sticky Assignment.


  • Assign if user is unavailable - if checked, records will assign regardless of team member availability (Out of Office, distribution hours, widget toggle)
  • Assign if user is offline in widget - if checked, records will assign when a team member is toggled offline but not when Out of Office or outside Distribution Hours.
Holidays scheduled for a Team are respected and not ignored as part of ignoring availability.

Round Robin with weighting and caps

By default round robin will assign evenly. However you can setup weighting or caps to control the volumes given to team members. Learn more about weighting and caps

Round robin in detail

This section explains how the round-robin algorithm works in more detail. 

  • Each distributor either holds its own independent round-robin sequence or respects the Team level round-robin dependent on the scope selection at the Distribution Team level.
  • Every time Distribution Engine runs (e.g. every 5 minutes), each distributor's round-robin sequence continues from its previous position. It doesn't reset.
  • The round-robin sequence starts with the team member who has been without an assignment for the longest period of time. The member assigned to most recently will be at the back of the sequence, and the member without an assignment for the longest time will be at the front.
  • If no one is available to receive assignments then nothing happens. Leads / cases remain in the queue and the round-robin order is not changed.


What if someone has been out of the office / on holiday for a period of time?

Round robin order is based on time since the last assignment. So anyone who has been unavailable for a period of time will be at the front of the round-robin sequence when they return. So they will be the first to receive an assignment.

What about team member filters  / tags - how does that affect the sequence?

If you are using a team member filter / tagging to restrict who the distributor assigns to, the round-robin sequence is the same. It will look at the list of available team members according to the filter and assign to whoever is next in sequence.

What scenario would I choose Team level round-robin over Distributor level round-robin or vice-versa?

If your use case calls for multiple distributors on a team, such as, leads are being assigned from multiple queues, and assignments from each of those queues should be balanced against each other then Team level round-robin should be selected.  If the balance between assignments from each distributor should be independent of each other, distributor level round-robin should be selected.

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