Custom Email Notifications

The Distribution Engine package includes a standard Email notification workflow rule within the package. However, you can create your own Email notifications and use your own email templates. This is achieved through workflow rules.

Creating an Email notification workflow

  • Create new workflow rule
  • Select object type e.g. Lead
  • Set Evaluation Criteria “created, and every time it’s edited”
  • Select “Formula evaluates to true”
  • Enter the following formula:

ISCHANGED( n2de__Last_distributed__c ) && n2de__Is_distributed__c

  • Save


  • Add workflow action type email alert
  • Add description and name
  • Choose email template e.g. Leads: New assignment notification (SAMPLE). You can create your own template here to change the content of the outbound email. 
  • Set recipient type to Owner
  • Select object owner e.g. Lead Owner
  • Save





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