Manual Distributor Settings

Please note, Manual Distribution is only available on lightning experience.
Only users with the Team Manager and above permission set will have access to manual assign records.

Manual distributors provide a method of being able to assign a record to a chosen team member, but still being able to utilize Distribution Engine features such as;

  • Team Caps
  • Weighting
  • Load Balancing
  • SLAs
  • Auto-Reassign
  • Rejection

This can be used when a manual override is necessary, for example for records that fit outside of the standard workflow, but you still want them to count towards other features like load balancing.

Manual distributors allow you to determine the settings enabled when a manual distribution is assigned to a team member in the current team. Teams without manual distributors cannot receive manual distributions.

 Only one manual distributor can be created per team.


  • Distributor Name - pick a name for this rule. We recommend short names for ease of reading.
  • Description - A short description of the distributor, used throughout the app to identify it.
  • Treat manual assignment as rejection - If enabled, any manual assignments within this team will follow the rules defined on the assignment rejection page.


Performing Manual Distributions

Manual distributions can only be performed when the Distribution Engine scheduler is enabled.

Manual Distributions are performed from the Distribution Engine Record Detail component, this must be available on the object type you wish to distribute.

Navigate to the record that you wish to distribute and click the assign button. From here, you can select which team you want to distribute to, this list is populated by every team with an active manual distributor.

When a team is selected, you can then choose which team member to distribute to. Each team member is shown with their current availability, which can be clicked on to display  their shift, timezone and shift hours for the current day. The total number of records of the current type assigned to the selected user is also displayed, which when clicked, will display the current state of the user's caps.

Manual distributions can be performed when a user is at maximum cap to allow for a manual override of the cap.


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