Distribution Engine Not Running

If you believe the Distribution Engine scheduler is not running you can check for the following issues:

  • Distribution Settings - check in the Distribution Settings tab the Scheduler is turned on.
  • Check the console for errors - The Distribtion Console will tell you the current status of the Distribution Engine. The last 5 jobs to run will show here and tell you whether the engine has been running recently. See Distribution console topic for more details.
  • Check the Salesforce jobs - check Scheduled Jobs and Apex Jobs area of the Salesforce setup menu to see if there are any delays or errors in the Salesforce jobs.
  • Does the running user have permission set? - In order to ensure the running user can access all the objects and fields required by Distribution Engine the running user should have the Distribution Engine Admin permission set applied.
  • Is running user locked out? - Ensure the user the Distribution Engine is running under is not locked. When a user has too many unsuccessful login attempts their account will be locked. This means they are no longer able access Salesforce so any currently running scheduled jobs such as Distribution Engine will fail. Click Unlock on the user record.

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