Tag Assignment

Once created, Tags need to be assigned to team members in order to be used. Note that tag assignments happen at an org wide level, so that a user will be associated with any assigned tags across all Teams that they are in.

Each team member can be assigned any number of tags across any collections on the org.

Modifying Tags for a single user

Tags are assigned and unassigned from the Tag Assignment page on the Distribution Tags tab. Each user is listed with the tags that they are currently assigned. Tags are displayed in the format: "Tag Collection/Tag Name". For example: "Language/English".

Clicking on a user or one of their tags opens the side panel which allows you to add or remove any of their tag assignments. Then click Save to store the changes, or Cancel to reset.



Modifying Tags for Multiple Users

Tags can be assigned and unassigned from multiple users at once. This is a quick way to apply new tags you have created, or to set up a lot of new team members quickly.

To modify tags for multiple users at once, select each user you want to modify using the checkbox next to the user's avatar. Then select Assign Tags. This will open the Modify dialog. From here you can see the tags assigned to all of the currently selected users. Each tag will show a tick if all selected users have that tag, a dash if some users have that tag, and blank if none of the users have that tag.  By selecting a tag, you will assign it to all users, and by deselecting a tag you will remove it from all users.


 Clone Tags

The tag assignments that a user has can be copied to other users. To clone a user's tags, click the row menu for that user and click 'Clone tags'.

From the Clone Tags dialog you can choose which users you want to copy the tags to. A team filter and a search are provided to help find the user required.

Cloned tags can either be appended, meaning that they are added in addition to any existing tags that user already has, or they can replace any existing tags a user has.

If the tag is already assigned to both the origin user and the target user, then no action is taken during a clone.

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