Distribution Tags - Introduction

Distribution Tags allow you to label your team members with attributes that describe that team member and their skills. You can then use this to alter the distribution of records to consider these attributes.

Distribution Tags are grouped in Tag Collections, which hold all Tags of a specific type. For example, a Tag Collection could be "Seniority" and the tags within Seniority could be "Junior", "Mid", "Senior" and "Principal".

Using Tags

Distribution Engine offers the following ways to use the Distribution Tags you assign:

Weighting and Caps

Teams and Distributors offer ways to bias or limit distributions by the Tags that a team member has. For example, you may want senior sales reps to get more leads than junior sales reps. Distribution Engine allows you to do this by weighting the 'Senior' tag more highly than the 'Junior' tag. Similarly, if you want to cap the amount of leads a junior rep can have at once, Distribution Engine allows you to cap solely on users with this tag.

For more information on how to configure Weighting and Caps, click here.


Static Tag Filtering

Static tag filtering allows you to limit all distributions performed by a single Distributor, to ensure that they only ever go to team members with specific tags. For example, you might have a Distributor for urgent support cases, which can only be dealt with by a senior member of the team. Using static tag filtering, you can ensure that all records that are processed by this Distributor are only assigned to users with the "Senior" tag.

For more information on how to configure Static Tag Filtering, click here.


Dynamic Tag Filtering

Dynamic Tag filtering allows you to direct an incoming record to an appropriate team member based on the value of a field on that record. For example, you might have a tag collection that records the languages spoken by each team member. Potential values here could be "English", "Spanish" and "French". Using Dynamic Tag Filtering, you can select a field "Language" on the incoming record, to make sure that the record is assigned to a team member that speaks that language.

For more information on how to configure Dynamic Tag Filtering, click here.

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