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The trigger settings page allows you to configure how trigger distribution works within your org. You can choose which objects are able to be used for trigger distribution, and configure which fields will be used for initiating trigger distribution. In order to assign records via trigger distribution, you will need to create trigger distributors. Click here for information about creating distributors to handle trigger distributions.

Trigger distribution will only automatically happen for Case, Lead and Opportunity. Other objects that you configure for trigger distribution must be initiated via our API.

Enabling Trigger Distribution

A master switch is available on the settings page: "Process Trigger Distributors in Triggers and API calls", which controls whether trigger distribution can happen via triggers or the API. When disabled, no new trigger distributors can be created and trigger distribution will not take place on the org.

Managing Trigger-enabled Objects

A list of all objects that have had Triggers enabled for them is displayed on the page, along side the object name, you can see the following fields:

  • Is Trigger Enabled Field - Which checkbox field on the object is used to determine whether the object is ready for distribution. When this field has a value of 'True' then it can be picked up by a distributor.
  • Is Triggered Field - This optional checkbox field is automatically set to true by Distribution Engine when assigned via a trigger distributor.
  • Has Trigger Distributors - This column will read 'Yes' if there are trigger distributors using this object.

You can use the row menu on the end of the rows to edit the settings for an object, or to delete the object.

The configuration for Cases, Leads and Opportunities cannot be edited or deleted.

Adding a new trigger-enabled object

To add trigger enablement for a new object, click the 'Add Trigger-enabled object' button and select the Object you want to enable triggers for.

You can optionally select a checkbox field to be used as the 'Is Trigger Enabled' field. This field will be looked at by the trigger, and if set to 'true' the record will be distributed. If this field is not specified, when using the API to initiate trigger distribution, you either have the option for all records that are included in the trigger to be distributed or you have to provide the list of records as part of the call.

In addition, you can optionally select a checkbox field to be used as the 'Is Triggered' field. This field will be checked once Distribution Engine assigns the record via trigger distribution. This field is required for Account and Contact Salesforce objects in order for action tracking to function correctly. This field/value can be used by other processes to determine whether a record has been assigned by a DE trigger.

The 'Is Triggered' field must differ from the 'Is Trigger Enabled' field.

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