Purchasing FAQs

Who needs licences?

Distribution Engine licences are required for your reps / agents plus any admins / managers who are using the tool. We will give you a total count of licences which can be assigned to whichever users you choose. Licences are the same whether they are for users configuring the system or for team members receiving leads / cases.

I've got users who are nothing to do with Distribution Engine. Does my entire org need licences?

Only users who are team members, configuring or view Distribution Engine data need licences. 

My users don't need to see the application - can I just purchase a single licence for my admin user?

Your team members will need licences regardless of whether or not you choose to make the application visible to them. Your licence key will control how many users you can add to teams.

Can I pay quarterly / monthly?

Unfortunately not. We only have annual billing plans.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 5 licences.

Can I add additional users during the year?

Yes, you can add additional licences whenever you like. These will be added pro-rata to your additional agreement (e.g. if you have 6 months remaining we will charge the extra licences for 6 months). At renewal time all the licences will be renewed in a single agreement.

How long will it take to get extra licences activated?

We will provide your new licence key within 1 business day of request and then follow up with the invoice.

Can I purchase premier support just when I need it?

Premier support must be added as part of your annual package. You can upgrade or downgrade as part of your annual renewal process.

I only need a support licence for my admin. Can I have just purchase 1 support licence?

Premier support is charged as a % of the total licence fee. It's not a per-user licence. The licence count gives us a good idea of the complexity and likely support requirements of your installation.

We do not have an in-house legal team so please contact us before requesting any changes. Our default position is no. Unless the deal size is enough to warrant the legal expense we cannot offer custom agreements.

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