Purchasing Steps

If you would like to convert your free trial into an active system please follow the steps below. Request quote - contact us and let us know how many licenses you need and we will provide a quote for…

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Purchasing FAQs

Who needs licenses? Distribution Engine licenses are required for your reps / agents plus any admins / managers who are using the tool. We will give you a total count of licences which can be assigne…

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Support Packages

We offer two support packages. Standard comes free of charge with your licenses. Premier support is charged as a % of the license fee. These packages are detailed below. Please note business hours ar…

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Legal Agreement Details

Installation of a trial includes a step to accept our end user license agreement - EULA. A copy of which is available here. This topic addresses the most common concerns legal teams have, specificall…

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We are often asked to sign data processing agreements and addendums. These documents are required by the GDPR if one company is processing personal data on behalf of another. However, NC Squared's Di…

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This page contains links to NC Squared's company policies.

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Migrating Licences

Sometimes customer will move their entire production org (either due to company changes or for performance reasons). As part of this process you may need to move your Distribution Engine licenses to…

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Contact us

If someone at NC Squared has alreached reached out to you with their contact details then please feel free to stay in touch with that person. For new enquiries please Email [email protected] and s…

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