Tag Collections

All tags are contained within Tag Collections. Tag collections represent a certain type of attribute, such as Seniority, which could contain the tags "Junior", "Mid" and "Senior". Other example tag collections could be: Spoken Language, Industry, Territory or Company size.

Tag collections are managed on the Tag Collections page under the Distribution Tags tab. This page displays a list of all Tag Collections in the org.

For each Tag Collection the following information is displayed:

  • The number of users assigned tags from the Tag Collection
  • The number of Distributors that use the Tag Collection to filter team members
  • The number of Teams that use the Tag Collection to cap records
  • The number of Teams that use the Tag Collection for weighting assignments
  • The number of tags in the Tag Collection


Tag collections can be created, deleted and renamed from this screen.

Creating tag collections


Click Add Tag Collection to create a new collection.

  • Name - Enter a name for this Tag Collection. This will be used to identify this tag collection throughout the application, so ensure it's easy to follow.
  • Tags - Optionally enter one or more tags to create inside your new Tag Collection. Tags can be created by typing the name of the tag and  pressing the enter, tab or comma key.

When the Tag Collection is created, you will be taken to the Tag list.






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