Lookup Owner

The lookup owner method searches your Salesforce org for a matching record and assigns to the owner of that record. E.g. when assigning leads, you may want to check if there is an existing account with the same company name, and if so assign the lead to the account owner. 

In the example below we are assigning Leads to the team member who owns the matched Account. We are matching the Company name on the Lead to the Account Name on the Account. If a match is found, it will assign to the Owner ID of the Account.

  • Lookup to - the object we are going to search. In the example above we are matching leads to existing accounts.
  • Lookup field - <<field on the object being assigned>> equals <<field on the object we are searching>>. This can be a text field or an ID field.
  • Where - an optional filter on the records being searched. E.g. only lookup accounts where Account Type equals Customer.
  • Assign to - if we find a match, which user field holds the user we will assign to. This can be any user lookup field including on a related record to the matched record. In the example above we are choosing the default Owner Id of the matched Account.



  • Assign if user is unavailable - if checked, lookup owner will assign regardless of team member availability (out of office, distribution hours, widget toggle)
  • Assign if user is offline in widget - if checked, will assign when a team member is toggled offline.
Holidays scheduled for a Team are respected and not ignored as part of ignoring availability.


  • Lookup owner will only assign to team members. It will only find matches it can assign to within the team.
  • If there are duplicate matches, it will 1) Pick only matches to team members 2) Pick the most recently modified record. 
  • Lookup owner matching is NOT case sensitive.
  • Lookup owner does not consider member caps. 
  • If there are no matches the lookup algorithm will not assign (and the record can overflow to the next distributor)



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