Lead to Account/Contact/Lead Settings

Lead-to-xx Settings

Each Lead matching type has it's own configuration options. You can choose to enable all Lead-to-xx or just those you need. 

  1. You will not have the ability to enable lead matching until you have setup at least one lead duplicate rule
    • Once you enable a Lead-to-xx matching, you will need to enable Lead Matching under the Settings link. 
  2. For Lead-to-Account matching, we provide an additional option to match a leads email or website domain to an account. This provides a matching mechanism to all existing accounts based on the related contacts' email domain(s) with built-in intelligence that differentiates between company and personal email domains such as gmail, yahoo etc.  
    • If both email and website are populated on the lead, the email domain will be used for matching purposes.
    • Currently, this is only available on Lead-to-Account matching.
    When first enabled, a batch job is created to process contact email domains and store their association with accounts. The time this process takes is dependent on the number of contacts in your org. A message will appear on the settings page while this process is running, and if the processing fails, an email will be sent and a message will show on the settings page with details.

    - The contact email domains and associated accounts are stored in a custom Distribution Engine Object
    - The Distribution Engine custom field on contact, DE_Account_match_domain__c, is updated to store the domain.
  3. You can optionally filter what records are matched up to. For example, you may only want to match leads to accounts that were created in the last year.
  4. If there are multiple matches, choose the order in which the matched record should be used.
  5. The Duplicate Rules that are being used for this matching.  If multiple duplicate rules are active, they will be listed in the order they are assigned in the duplicate rule configuration. 

Once the Lead-to-xx and Lead Matching options are configured and enabled, you will need to setup a Related Owner distributor.

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