Q2Q teams

There are some scenarios where, rather than assigning to specific users, you want the Distribution Engine to round robin between a number of queues. The Distribution Engine allows you to distribute from a Queue to a number of other queues. 



Example use cases for Q2Q teams

  • A sales manager needs to assign an even number of leads to 3 teams. Each team has different numbers of team members. Using a Q2Q team she can round robin leads from one inbound lead queue among 3 new queues. She then sets up 3 standard teams in Distribution Engine each assigning from from their own queue. That way each team has an equal volume of leads.
  • A sales manager wants to assign 200 leads a day to each of their 3 teams. Using a q2q team with a cap of 200 they can assign 200 leads to 3 new queues. He then sets up 3 standard teams each assigning from their own queue. Each team therefore receives a fixed number of leads per day regardless of how many team members are present.
  • A support manager wants to assign inbound cases in a weighted fashion among 2 teams. The north America team should get twice as many cases as the European team. Creating a Q2Q team and assigning inbound cases from one queue to 2 additional queues using weighted round robin allows this to happen. 


Creating a q2q team

  • Go to the Distribution Teams tab.
  • Click the 3 dots button on the top right toolbar.
  • Select New Q2Q team.
  • Click Create team
  • Go to team members and add the queues you want to assign to (the targets, not the source queue)
  • Only queues which can hold your team's object (e.g. Lead / Case) will be shown.


Distribution logging is disabled by default for Q2Q teams. Logging can be enabled on the team's settings page.


Adding a distributor

Distribution using queues is the same as for a standard team. You can create one or more distributors each distributing from a queue to all the queues added as members of the team. Don't forget the Queue selected in the Distributor will be the source queue from where Leads and Cases are taken to be assigned among your team member queues. You shouldn't have the same queue as the source and as a team member.

Removing Queues

You can remove queues by going to the team members page and removing the team member. For instructions see Adding and removing team members


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