Timezone Bucket Formula

Sometimes it can be useful to label records based on when they arrived.  The following approach shows how to create 2 formula fields. The first is to resolve the created date into an hour - either in GMT / EST / PST. The second is to label the leads East or West depending on the hour of day.

Hour of day formula

Extract the hour the record was created - uses 24 hour clock (military time) 0 - 23 hours. Optionally adjust the timezone by subtracting 5 hours for EST, 8 for PST.

Created time GMT

VALUE( MID( TEXT( CreatedDate ), 12, 2 ) )

Created time EST

VALUE( MID( TEXT( CreatedDate -5/24), 12, 2) ) 

Created time PST

VALUE( MID( TEXT( CreatedDate -8/24), 12, 2) )
This solution will only work for Standard Time and does not take into account Daylight Savings time.  

Timezone bucket

Based on the hour of day, label the lead East or West. We've assumed the previous field was called Created_hour_pst__c. If the lead was created between 9am and 10pm PST we'll return "West", otherwise return "East"

IF( Created_hour_pst__c >= 9 && Created_hour_pst__c <= 22, "West",  

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