Duplicate Rule Setup

To take advantage of the Lead Matching feature of Distribution Engine (DE), you'll need to first configure Salesforce Duplicate and Matching rules. Salesforce provides standard matching rules for Lead, Contact, and Account. Details on how these rules match information can be found here.  In general, Lead and Contact matching looks for duplicates, and Lead to Account matching will look for Accounts the Lead may be associated with. For most customers, these matching rules will be sufficient for use with DE Lead Matching, and we will use these for this setup. 

We'll add a filter to ensure the DE Duplicate Rule is only used with the DE lead matching feature. The other duplicate rules will fire as normal and this will not affect any of your existing duplicate matching logic in Salesforce.

  • From the Distribution Classifier tab, go to lead matching.
  • Click any one of the matching settings e.g. Lead-to-Account.
  • Click the link to open the Salesforce duplicate rules as shown below *

* You can also reach the same page through the Salesforce Setup menu and searching Duplicate.

Setting up duplicate rules

The Salesforce limit for the number of duplicate rules per object is 5. Because of this, we will create a single duplicate rule and incorporate the three standard matching rules into it. 

Create the rules

Click New Rule and choose Lead from the list of objects. This means we're checking leads for matches/duplicates, and later on, we'll define what we're checking the leads against.

  • Rule name: The name should be something easy to identify as a DE Duplicate rule and that it matches Leads. We'll call ours DE Lead Match
  • Description: "Used by Distribution Engine"
  • Record level security: Bypass sharing rules (to ensure its matching against all records)
  • Operations on create / edit: Select Report on create and leave the rest unchecked (these are not used by DE, but at least one thing must be checked )
  • Compare with: We will create 3 rule comparisons. One for Lead, Contact, and Account.
    • All rules will be executed, so order does not matter.
    • You will determine which of these to use in the Classifier Lead Matching and Lead Matching Distributor configurations. 
  • Matching Rule: Select the corresponding "Standard" matching rule for Lead, Contact, and Account. 
  • Mapping: Leave the default mapping selected initially. You can review the default setting by clicking the "Mapping Selected" link.

After each matching rule is added, you'll click Add Rule to add the additional object matching rules.

  • Conditions: DE classifier status  EQUALS  Matching   This ensures this rule only fires during DE matching and won't affect your Salesforce users or processes.

The end result will look like this (click image for full-size view):

Hit save and click activate.

We are now ready to configure the Lead Matching section of the DE Classifier

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