Application Monitoring

The application monitoring console page displays the current system status of Distribution Engine and its four major running components:

  • The scheduler, responsible for distributing records
  • The health checker, responsible for recovering other components of Distribution Engine in the event of an error
  • The classifier, which can process records and assign them territories, or performing lead matching and autoconversion
  • Object Sync, which can ensure that children of assigned objects are updated to the same owner as their parents.


This page can be used as a general indicator of system status, displaying whether the system is running, and if any major problems have been encountered.



Component Information

Status : This displays the current state of the component:


Not Configured

If Classifier or Object Sync have not been configured for use, no icon will be displayed.

Not Running

The component has been configured, but is not currently running.


The component is running without major issues

Running with Warnings

The component is running, but there are some issues that need addressing. The warnings will be displayed in the component area.


The component failed to run due to an error. The error details will be displayed in the component area.


Initiation: For running components, this shows which Salesforce User started the component, and when they started it.

Processing Mode: Displayed on the scheduler and  component while the scheduler is running, this shows the processing mode in use.

Frequency: Displayed on the scheduler and health checker components while running, this shows how often the component is running. This is configurable from advanced settings.

Errors:  Displays how many scheduler errors have occurred in the past day . Clicking the number of errors links through to the scheduler logs page.

Restarts:  Displays how many components health checker has restarted in the past day . Clicking the number of errors links through to the scheduler logs page.


Additional Info

The additional info section displays some general information about Distribution Engine on your org.

Licenses: This displays how many licenses are used out of the total number of licenses assigned to your org. Clicking this takes you to the licensed users page.

DE Version: This displays the version number of distribution engine, and the named milestone release.

Expiry Date: If your Distribution Engine license is due to expire soon, for example if you are on a trial or if you have recently cancelled,

Licensed Running User Warning;  If one of the running users for the components is missing a managed package license, this will be displayed in the Additional Information section.


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