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Some customers leave large volumes of Leads / Cases in Distribution Engine queues which, due to the filters, are never assigned. Functionally, this is perfectly valid. However, it has been reported by Salesforce that this approach places a heavy burden on the Salesforce database. For customers this means that the performance can be slow, and in the worst case cause the Distribution Engine job to fail due to time-out.

The solution is to auto-archive these records after they have been in the queue for a specified period of time without being assigned (e.g. 1 month). Archiving means moving them to a new archive queue. They will also be stamped with their original queue in a new field on Lead and Case called source queue.

If the records are updated for any reason, they will automatically be moved back to their original queue where they have a chance to be assigned out as normal.

This feature only works for Lead/Case Teams that are using the Owner field for assignments. If any other lookup field is being used, archiving will not occur. 

A typical use case

Leads being nurtured by marketing are left in a queue without being assigned. They are not yet ready to be dealt with by sales so should remain where they are. They are filtered out of the normal Distribution Engine run by filters or active status. In the current setup they stay where they are until they match the filters, at which point they are assigned out.

With auto-archive, these leads will be moved to a new archive queue. Importantly, if the lead is updated for any reason the lead will be returned to the original queue and it can then be assigned out. So if marketing (likely via Pardot / Marketo etc) updates the lead it will be returned to its original queue and from where it can be assigned in exactly the same way. Leads are just temporarily parked out of the way while not ready for assignment.

What about reporting?

Some customers run reports based on the number of records in queues. These would need to be changed to check not just the owner field but also the source queue field. So records where 'Owner = <queue> OR Source Queue = <queue>'.

How to turn on auto-archive

Admins can enable archiving  from the Distribution Settings tab. Simply click the "Archiving" toggle. Archiving runs daily at midnight of the running user's timezone.

How to see archived records

In the Distribution Console there is a new Archive sub-tab. In here you will see any Leads / Cases which have been archived. You can optionally select records and restore them to their original queue by clicking the restore button.


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