Lead Matching - Introduction

Lead Matching is part of the Distribution Engine Classifier module and allows Distribution Engine to determine whether a lead relates to existing Accounts, Contacts or other Leads already in your Salesforce organization. 

Distribution Engine lead matching makes use of the Salesforce duplicate matching logic and is fully configurable. 

  • Performs exact and fuzzy matches.
  • Matches are done using standard fields (first name, last name, company name, phone etc) and also custom fields. 
  • Lead-to-Lead, Lead-to-Contact, and Lead-to-Account matching is supported.
  • Domain matching to the account can be done automatically. Domains are extracted for all the existing accounts and contacts for matching and built in intelligence differentiates between company and personal email domains such as gmail, yahoo etc.  

Steps to Enable

Enabling Lead Matching is a multi-step process as it leverages features within Salesforce and Distribution Engine.

  1. Setting up Matching/Duplicate Rules in Salesforce
  2. Classifier Lead Matching Setup
  3. Using the Related Owner algorithm with Lead Matching
  4. Viewing the details of matching


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Duplicate Rule Setup