Delay Filters

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You can add a delay processing filter to delay the distribution classifier if you want to delay assigning an object. For example, you may want to wait to classify a record until your data enhancement and validation tools have been able to update the record.

To view Delay Filters, click the Delay Filters tab on the Classifier vertical navigation. The Delay filters list displays each object that has a delay filter set up, as well as the following information:

  • Filter - The filter criteria that must be met for a record to be processed by the classifier. This can be used to recognise that any pre-processing has finished
  • Classifier Applications - The applications in the Classifier that are using this object type, and will be subject to the delay.

Configuring Delay Filters

To add a delay filter, click the Add Delay Filter button and choose the object to create for. You can then choose up to three filter criteria that each record of that type must meet in order to be classified.

You can add additional filter criteria by clicking 'Add Row'. When more than one delay filter is present, you can also add connective logic by clicking the 'Logic' toggle. This enables you to add AND and OR statements as well as brackets to ensure the order of operation is correct.

To edit a delay filter, click the menu button on the row for the object you'd like to edit and click Edit.

To delete a delay filter, click the menu button on the row for the object you'd like to delete and click Delete.

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