Action Tracking

Action tracking allows you to monitor the time taken from assignment to a certain milestone. For example, time to contact a lead or time to resolve a case. Action tracking is set on a team's Tracking and SLAs page.

Action Tracking is currently only available on Leads, Cases, Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts.

Enabling Action Tracking

From the Tracking and SLAs page turn on the Action tracking toggle. The various settings are described below.


  • Respect distribution hours - You can choose whether you want the alert period to include the time a team member was not in the office.
    • Team and member - does not include time where either the team or the individual were not working (according to their distribution hours).
    • Team only  - does not include time where the team was not working (according to the team distribution hours).
    • None - checks in real time how long since assignment regardless of distribution hours.
  • Action field - select a picklist field to track. Distribution Action is a picklist field included in the package (see below) or you can use one of your existing picklist fields e.g. Status.
  • Track action from any user - Selecting this will allow the time to action to be tracked by any user making an update, not just the owner. This is sometimes useful when activities are being logged by a dialler / email tool which may update from an integration user rather than the owner of the record.
  • Actions to track - select a field value that denotes actioned (e.g. a status of contacted). The metrics captured will be the time from assignment until the selected picklist is set to this value.
Distribution Logging is required for Action Tracking and will automatically be enabled if previously disabled. 

The Active Status definition on the Distribution Team is an important factor when configuring Action Tracking. Actions will only be tracked while the record is in an active status.

Auto Action

Rather than having your team manually update picklists in Salesforce, you can allow Distribution Engine to automatically set the first action when Salesforce Events or Tasks are logged. For example, set a "Contacted" Action when an Email is sent. In the example below, we are listening for Email or Call events, and if found the status field will automatically be set to "Contacted". You can listen for both Tasks and Events. 


Auto-Action will only occur if the record is still owned by the user that Distribution Engine assigned the record to. Only the assigned user creating the event/task will execute auto-actions unless the "Track action from any user" option is selected in action tracking.

Distribution Action Field

A picklist field is included in the Distribution Engine package on Leads and Cases only. This can be used to track actions without interfering with any of your current processes. By default this picklist has one value: "Contacted". You can customize this picklist to your own values.

Viewing Action Tracking Metrics

You can see action tracking metrics in one of the following ways

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