Opportunity Assignment - Updating Related Accounts & Contacts

When assigning opportunities to reps through Distribution Engine its sometimes useful to also assign the owner of the parent account and its contacts to the same rep. DE assigns the opportunity to the rep, so we just need some way to assign the related account and contacts at the same time. Process builder can help here! The following example shows how this can be done.

Step 1 create a new process

  • From the Setup area go to Create > Workflow & Approval > Process Builder and click New
  • Enter a name and set the process to start when a record changes and save

Step 2 add your object 

We want this process to fire when the opportunity is assigned to we'll be basing this on opportunity and checking whether DE has just assigned the opportunity.

  • Click add object in the flow diagram.
  • Select Opportunity and when a record is created or edited and save

Step 3 add the criteria for starting the process

  • Click the Add Criteria diamond.
  • Enter Criteria name: Is DE assignment
  • Enter the conditions

1. Owner Id field Is Changed True (Tip type in Owner in the box and select the bottom one)

2. Is Distributed to User equals True

3. Date last distributed to user Is Changed True


  • Click the Immediate actions box next to the right of the Is DE assignment diamond
  • Action type: Update records
  • Action name: Update account owner
  • Record: Account (Type in Account and pick the bottom one)
  • No criteria: Set the value
  • Set the Field: Owner ID, Type: Formula, Value: OwnerID (of the opportunity). See below for example

Repeat step 4 to add another action to the same Immediate actions box. This time we will be updating the Contacts of the related account.


Step 6

Your finished process should look like the example below.

Activate your process.

You should see that whenever DE assigns an opportunity the parents account and all its contacts are updated to the same user 


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