User Availability Toggle

This allows your team members to toggle themselves on / offline using the Widget. This optional feature allows for more fine-grained control over availability e.g. unavailable during a meeting. You enable this feature on the Distribution Settings page. 

Why use the toggle for sales teams? For some companies, time to contact is critical. Within your sales operation having leads being assigned to reps who are not currently working can reduce conversion rates. The toggle allows these reps to let DE know they won't be responding and hence won't waste leads that other people could be chasing up.


To control the availability of teams and team members, Distribution Engine offers Distribution Holidays (to shut down entire teams by region), Distribution OoO (for individual absences) and Distribution hours (at the team and user level and Shift levels). All these limit the availability of the teams and their members. Some customers, however, need more fine grained control over availability during the course of the day. To achieve this we have user availability toggle functionality, which is a toggle on the widget allowing reps to toggle in and out. They will only receive assignments when toggled in.

Turning on user availability mode

Enable on the Distribution Settings page. You can optionally make your reps specify a reason for toggling offline. This is controlled by the "Require activity reason" setting.

How does the toggle work with other availability settings?

The user login mode toggle is at the bottom of the pile in terms of availability settings. It is only for controlling availability when the team member is allowed to be online based on their holidays, OoO or hours. If a team member is marked out of office based on any of these then the toggle will have no effect. 

Manager view

As a manager or admin, you can see and override the current toggle status on the team member page for a team.


We do not automatically toggle users on / off at the beginning or end of each day. When you look at the team in the morning, you will see the toggles in the state the team left them the night before.

Audit trail

All toggle activity is logged, including whether a rep or their manager performed the action.

You can also view the toggle activity of the users by going to the User activity history report.

  • Go to reports tab
  • Distribution Engine reports folder
  • User activity history report


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