Create Tasks on Assignment

It's possible to auto create a task when an object is assigned by Distribution Engine to a user. This is achieved by using Distribution Engine field update and a workflow rule. The steps below explain how this works.

Field update

Firstly, we need to add a field update to our Distributor in order to be able to trigger a workflow rule. Distribution Engine distributors allow field updates to a picklist. So as Distribution Engine does the assignment, it will automatically set a picklist to the value you choose. E.g. you might set a Status field to "Assigned".

The field update is a value that DE will set when it does the assignment.
  • Select a team, click on 'Post Assignment' and select the appropriate distributor.
  • Set Field to update e.g. status and Field to update value e.g. assigned.



Workflow rule

Now we have DE auto updating a field, we have a mechanism to fire a Salesforce workflow rule.

  • Create a new workflow rule on the object you are assigning (e.g. Lead). This is in Salesforce setup area Create > Workflow > New.
  • We're going to create a workflow called Add task to lead in this example. See the screenshot below for details. Don't forget to set evaluation criteria to created, and every time it's edited.
  • Enter the formula. Our example is looking for a change to a status field ISCHANGED (important so it doesn't keep firing) and then also a specific value ISPICKVAL
ISCHANGED(Status) && ISPICKVAL(Status, 'Assigned')


  • Save and next
  • Add workflow action "New Task"
  • In assigned to, select owner in the drop down and then pick the field (Lead Owner in our example). This will assign the task to whoever the lead is given to.
  • Set a subject and then set the due date. We're going to use trigger date + 1 day in our example to give reps 1 day to complete a task after it's created.


  • Hit save and go back to your workflow rule to activate it.


That's it. You should now have tasks being created when Distribution Engine assigns to team members. 


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