Shift Hours

Shift hours are re-usable distribution hours that can be shared by multiple teams and team members. Rather than maintaining separate hours for each team and team member, you can create a weekly shift and adjust the hours from a single place.

Create new shift hours

  • From the Distribution Availability tab, select the Shifts option from the vertical navigation.
  • You will see a list of all shifts on your org.  You can click 'Add Shift' to create a new shift.
  • Enter a shift name, set the start and end times for each day of the week. If you have hours that repeat across the entire week, you can enter the shift hours for a single day and then click "Copy to all" to copy to all enabled days.
  • You can include breaks by adding blocks. Each shift can have up to three blocks of working hours. Shifts can also run overnight to the next day. Overnight shifts are denoted by +1 meaning the next day.
  • You can select the relevant timezone for the shift.
  • Click Create Shift to save your new shift.



Managing Shifts

  • You can view the details of a shift by clicking the row in the shift list. This will open the Shift side panel.
  • Shifts can be edited from the row menu, or from the side panel. You can edit the name of the shift, as well as the working hours and timezone.
  • Shifts can be deleted if they are not currently in use by any teams or team members.

Add a team to a shift

  • From the Distribution Teams tab select a team
  • Click Distribution Hours
  • For Availability, select Shift
  • Select your shift from the options
  • Save



Add a team member to a shift

  • From the Distribution Teams tab select a team
  • Click Distribution Hours
  • From the team member hours tab, click a team member
  • In the panel, switch the member to shift and select one of the existing shifts
  • Save



A team member can only be on a single shift (but don't forget, users can be members of multiple teams)

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