Disabling Standard Email Notifications

You can disable the Distribution Engine Email notifications completely by deactivating the workflow rule. You can also disable the notifications on a per distributor basis. At the team level, disabling logging will prevent notifications.

Disable all Distribution Engine Email notifications

  • From the Setup area click Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules
  • You will see a Workflow Rule called Distribution Engine Notification
  • Click Deactivate to disable email notifications

Disable Email notifications for select team(s)

Disabling distribution logging will prevent Email notifications for a team. Distribution Logs will no longer be available for any assignments made by the distributors in this team.

  • From the Distribution Teams tab select a team
  • Click Settings on the left-hand navigation
  • At the bottom, 'Enable Logging' should be unchecked
    • Please note that logging is required if Action tracking or SLAs are enabled on the team
  • Save 

Disable Email notifications for select distributors

Each distributor has a checkbox to disable Email notifications.

  • From the Distribution Teams tab select a team
  • Click 'Post assignment' on the left-hand navigation
  • Uncheck 'Send standard email notifications'
  • Save

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