Stamp Groups

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Stamp Groups are the categories of classification within Custom Classification. Each stamp group is only applicable for a single object type. Stamp groups contain Stamps, which are individual classification labels that will be applied to the classified records.

Up to ten stamp groups can exist on an org, across all objects.

Create Stamp Groups

To create a stamp group, navigate to the Stamp Groups page under Custom Classification on the Distribution Classifier tab. From there, click the Add Stamp Group button in the header.

You must provide the following information to create a stamp group:

Object: Which object the stamp group will be classifying on. The available objects are: Account, Case, Contact, Lead and Opportunity. This cannot be changed later.

Name: The name of the stamp group. This must be unique across the selected object. This will also be the name of the tag collection created, if synchronized with a tag collection.

Type: Allows you to choose whether a single stamp from this group can be assigned to a record, or multiple, where multiple stamps from this group can be applied to a record at the same time. For example; for a Stamp Group 'Value' it would make sense that only a single stamp can be selected, as something could not belong to both high and low values at once.

Synchronize Tag Collection: This option will create a tag collection with the same name as your new stamp group, and a tag for each stamp inside. This will allow for a setup where, using stamp group tag filters, only users with tags relating to the stamps on a record will be assigned that record. See this article for more information.

To change these values after creation, click 'Edit' on the row menu.

Using Stamp Groups

Clicking a stamp group row opens the stamp group details side panel, where you can see the following:

DE Details Field: Which field on the Distribution Engine Details Object stores any stamps relating to this stamp group.

Usage: The side panel will also detail where the stamp group is used across teams and distributors.

To view the stamps within a stamp group, you can open the stamp group by clicking the stamp group name or clicking Open in the side panel.

Stamp groups must be activated before they can classify records.

Deleting Stamp Groups

To delete a stamp group, click the delete option from the row menu. You cannot delete any stamp group which is referenced in team filters, distributor filters, criteria caps or stamp group tag filters. The references will need to be removed before deleting the stamp group.

This will begin the process for deleting the stamp group. As this process needs to update all Distribution Engine Details Object records that have been classified to remove any existing stamp group value, this may take up to 24 hours to fully perform.

Until the deletion of a stamp group is completed, another stamp group cannot use the same name when classifying the same object. The same name can be used for stamp groups classifying other objects.

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