Weighting and Caps - Introduction

It's possible to control the number of assignments team members receive beyond an equal round robin.

  • Weighting - adjust the relative volumes team members receive. No specific limits but one user can receive more than another.
  • Caps - add fixed limits to the number of assignments. Caps can be at the distributor level (e.g. give everyone 10 hot leads per day) or the team level (e.g. give everyone 10 leads in total from any distributor). 


A standard round robin distributor will assign out equally. Like a card dealer, it will assign one each per round robin cycle. With weighted distribution you can adjust this to give some team members more than others. A weighting of 2 means a team member will receive 2 assignment per round robin cycle. A weighting of 0.5 means a team member will be skipped every other cycle. 

Learn how to set up weighting


To set specific limits on the number of assignments, caps can be used. These can be distributor level caps or team level caps.

  • Distributor level caps - limit the assignments made by a specific distributor e.g. hot leads.
  • Team level caps - limit the total assignments made across all distributors e.g. hot, warm and cold leads.  Team level caps also allow you to set different limits by tag e.g. senior reps have a higher cap than junior reps.

Learn how to set up caps



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