Distribution Teams


Weighting and Caps

Distribution Engine allows you to weight assignments within a team, to favour certain team members over others. It also allows you to implement caps, limiting how many assignments team members can recieve.

Distribution Hours

Each team has set distribution hours. These are the default working hours for everyone in the team. However, you can override this for selected team members e.g. if a team member is working part-time time.

Tracking & SLAs

Distribution Engine allows you to capture the time taken to follow up on an assigned record (e.g. speed to contact a lead) and also to enforce follow up times via SLAs. Records which fail SLA times can be automatically auto-reassigned.

Team Settings

Information about the configuration available to teams

Distribution Teams Introduction

To start assigning records you first need to set up some teams. Teams contain team members - the people you are assigning to, and distributors - the rules to control what gets assigned. Teams also co…


Distribution Process View

From the Distribution Teams tab you can access the process view. This shows each source (queues / users / field valUES) on the left hand side and the teams and distributors on the right hand side. Yo…


Team Summary

The team summary page gives you at an overview of your team including the object being assigned, its team members and distributors. To make changes to your team click the relevant links on the left h…


Team Members

Team members are the Salesforce users receiving assignments. In order for Distribution Engine to assign records to a user they must be added to one or more Distribution teams. From the team members p…


Team Availability

The team availability page is a team view of the availability calendar. The team availability page gives a month by month overview of the availability of your team, so you can see who's working when,…

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Team Performance

The performance page gives an overview of your team member's recent performance. This page will show the key performance metrics for each team member over your chosen time period, as well as allow yo…


Assignment Rejection

This feature allows reps or managers to reject assignments and receive a replacement. The team member who rejects an assignment can receive an extra (replacement) assignment when they are next schedu…


Post Assignment

When Distribution Engine assigns records it will update the record to set the new owner. In addition it can perform a field update and send an Email notification. This page also allows you to enable…