Configure Assignment Simulation

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Assignment simulation configuration has the following fields:

  • Record ID - The ID of the record to be tested. This can be found in the URL of the record page in Salesforce.
  • Simulation Type -
    • Full Simulation - This simulation type will load the full results explorer once the simulation has been performed. This will allow you to view the details of the simulation results for every team and distributor, allowing you to see why each distributor could or could not receive the assignment. For further details see: assignment simulator results.
    • Quick Simulation - The simulation results will show you the results of the assignment without loading the full results explorer, allowing you to see which Team and Distributor would distribute the record. You can still load the explorer from the results view if the result needs further analysis.
  • Simulate Date/Time - Allows you to perform the simulation as if it was a different date or time. This can be used to ensure that Team Hours, Shifts, Out of Office, Holidays and Individual Hours are functioning as expected.
Please note that Simulate Date/Time is not a detailed record of events and cannot consider Team Member Availability Toggles and Caps when looking at past or future dates. All other availability features such as Distribution Hours, Shifts, Out of Office and Holidays will use the current configuration, with the exception of teams using shift planner, when the date is within the 12 week window of the shift planner.
  • Overwrite Source - Allows you to treat the record as if it had a different source for the purposes of the simulation. This allows you to mimic a User, Queue or Status used by your Distributors as a source, so that the record does not have to be modified for the simulation.
  • Ignore Caps - For simulations that don't simulate date/time, you can ignore current cap conditions. This could be useful if you are trying to test business logic, but records keep flowing to later distributors than expected due to current cap totals.
  • Include inactive teams and distributors - If enabled, any Teams and Distributors that are inactive will be included in the simulation. This can be used to test teams and distributors before they are ready to be activated.
  • Stop simulation on successful assignment - If enabled, the simulation will stop when it reaches a successful assignment. If disabled, the full results explorer will display all teams and distributors.
Quick Simulation will only show the first successful assignment, even if this option is disabled. Viewing the full simulation will allow you explore all results.

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