New features



Add int and currency fields to distributor filters

Certain standard fields (such as number of employees and annual revenue on lead object) were not visible in filters because they are stored as integer / currency types. Added these types to the allowed list of field types in distributor filters.

Increase max weighting to 4

Currently the maximum weighting in the sliders is 3. Increase this to 4 to allow more options in ratios between reps.

Automatic shutdown of a distributor when more than x errors

When errors occur they can build up rapidly and clog up the logs with 1000’s of logs in error and in some cases exceed 100k. It would be preferable if we could automatically de-activate a distributor if more than a certain volume of logs in error have been created in a day

Test tool fix for doubles

Comparisons of number fields such as double were incorrectly showing as a non-match. This has been resolved.

Fix for weighting

There was an issue with round robin ordering where a team member's weighting was less than 1. This has been resolved.

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