Distribution Engine Details Object

The Distribution Details object is a related object on cases, opportunities, leads, contacts, and accounts that holds information obtained by the Distribution Engine Classifier. You can add the Distribution Engine details field to the layout for easy access to the information. 



  • Territory - If the Territory Classifier is enabled, this will be populated with the map and territory found. This replaces the DE Territory field on leads.
  • Matched Account - A lookup field to the Account matched by the Lead Matching Classifier.
  • Matched Contact - A lookup field to the Contact matched by the Lead Matching Classifier.
  • Email or Website Domain - The email or website domain of the Lead.  This will only be populated if Lead Matching is enabled.
  • Matched account type - This will populate from the Type field on a matched Account.
    • This information can then be used in a Leads distributor In the filter fields, you will find "DE Matched Account Type" as an option:
  • Matched Lead - A lookup field to the Lead matched by the Lead Matching Classifier.
  • Is Personal Email - This box will be checked if the lead email address is from a generic, free, public, or internet provider domain. 

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