Pull Distributor Settings

Pull distributors provide a way for your reps / agents to request work by clicking a button on the Distribution Engine widget.

The Distribution Engine scheduler must be enabled to perform pull distributions.



Pull distributor settings

From here you can edit, clone or delete a distributor. You can also access the distributor test tool and see recent distributions.


Distributor settings are grouped by the method - how records will be assigned, the source - what records are assigned, and the team member filter - who are we assigning to.

  • Distributor Name - pick a name for this rule. We recommend short names for ease of reading.


  • Method - Pull distributors only have one method - Pull. A user must click the pull button to initiate the distributor.


  • Queue / user / status - select the Salesforce queue the rule should assign from. Or assign from a designated user or defined status. Learn more about sources here.
  • Field-based filter - filter the records being selected for distribution by a field value (e.g. only hot leads or only P1 cases). More on filters here - Learn more about filters here.
  • Campaign-based filter - filter the records being selected for distribution by the Salesforce campaigns they are in (only for leads and contacts).
  • Custom sort order - determine the order in which objects will be assigned from the queue (e.g. Created Date ascending for oldest first). Learn more about sort order here. 

Team member filter

  • Determine who in this team is eligible to receive assignments from this distributor.
    • All team (anyone in the team can receive assignments from this distributor).
    • Selected members (only selected team members can can receive assignments from this distributor).
    • By tags (team members will be selected based on the tags they hold). Learn more about distributor team member filters.
Dynamic tags are the recommended approach for simplifying distribution logic. 

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