Import Territories


If you already have a document that includes your territories you can use that to import them instead of manually creating territories. If you are unfamiliar with creating a map, make sure to read that article first.

Once you have created and added a territory name, you can import regions into your territory by clicking the Import Items button:

Select the Zoom level and Country to determine how the import process recognizes the imported data. If you are importing a mix of data, autodetect can be used to automatically determine the zoom level and country based on each row of data. Next, select the separator used in your existing document. Copy and paste the data from your existing document into the Items box at the bottom of the box. Click OK.

Once you click OK the regions listed in the Items box will be added as part of the territory. You can continue to add items to this territory or save this territory and repeat the process of adding new territories.


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