Related Owner

The Related Owner distribution method is used by the Lead Matching feature but can also be used to assign records to the user in a User Lookup Field on related objects. This is an additional algorithm to our Lookup Owner and Sticky Assignment methods and is not a replacement. 

Example below shows related owner being used to assign leads which have been through the classifier lead matching feature to the owner of the matched account. 

  • Assign using related object - This is the first related object you want a new record to be checked against. 
  • Using <Object> Field -  The field holding the user you want to assign to. E.g. The account owner in the above example.
  • Otherwise use related object - This is an optional setting to allow you to choose a secondary object to lookup to, if there is not a related record for the first object.
  • Using <Object> Field -  This is the Lookup field on the secondary related object that you want to use as the owner of the new record. 
  • Assign if user is unavailable - If checked, assignments will still be sent to the matching user when they are out of office or outside of shift hours. 
  • Assign if user is toggled off in widget - If checked, assignments will still be sent to the matching user when they are toggled off. This is auto-checked if the above option is checked. 
Team Member Filtering and Team/Distributor Level Capping  are not available for this type of distributor 
If there is no related record or the user on the related record is not a team member of the current team, the new record will not be assigned.
Holidays scheduled for a Team are respected and not ignored as part of ignoring availability.

Salesforce Account Teams 

Salesforce has a feature called Account Teams which allows multiple users in different roles to be linked to an Account as a team. The related owner method can also be used to assign to the relevant Account Team Member. For example, you may want all new opportunities to assign to the Account Team - Account manager. With the Related Owner Algorithm you can select the Account team member and then the role:

If there are multiple users with the same role, the team member that was most recently modified (i.e. the LastModifiedDate field on the TeamMember object) will be selected. 

Distribution Logs

Records that are distributed via the Related owner Algorithm will be marked with a related owner icon in the Distribution Logs:


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