Distribution Methods

Distribution Methods - Introduction

Each distributor has a number of options for how it assigns (the method or algorithm). These are listed below. Standard distributors and trigger distributors have different methods available. Each of…

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Lookup Owner

The lookup owner method searches your Salesforce org for a matching record and assigns to the owner of that record. E.g. when assigning leads, you may want to check if there is an existing account wi…

Updated 4 months ago

Load Balancing

Load balancing provides a way to achieve even distribution volumes. Despite differences in availability or tags, balancing will attempt to top up those who have received fewer assignments. With load…

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Round Robin

This is the default and most commonly used method. Sequential assignment among the team members ensures records are assigned out evenly. Distribution Engine updates a round robin sequence after every…

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Related Owner

The Related Owner distribution method is used by the Lead Matching feature but can also be used to assign records to the user in a User Lookup Field on related objects. This is an additional algorith…

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Sticky Assignment

Sticky assignment. Available in conjunction with round robin or load balancing methods. Sticky assignment is used to assign duplicates to the same team member for a given time period. You may also wa…

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