Disabling Custom Email Notifications

If you need to disable all Email notifications you can deactive your workflow rule. You can also exclude certain teams or distributors from receiving email notifications.

This is an advanced topic for admins who have written custom Email notification workflow rules. If you are using the standard Email notification workflow please ignore this topic and refer to Disabling standard Email notifications

Exclude teams from Email notifications

  • Go to your custom workflow rule
  • Edit the formula as follows (change the team name to the one you want to exclude) and save

Single team exclude

ISCHANGED( n2de__Last_distributed__c ) && n2de__Is_distributed__c && (n2de__Distribution_Team__c != 'enter a team name') 

Multiple team exclude

ISCHANGED( n2de__Last_distributed__c ) && n2de__Is_distributed__c && (n2de__Distribution_Team__c != 'team 1 name' && n2de__Distribution_Team__c != 'team 2 name')

Exclude distributors from Email notifications

  • Find the Id of the distributor you want to exclude. By opening the distributor and copying the id (the text between id= and the & symbol) from the URL
  • Go to the Distribution Engine Notification workflow rule
  • Click Clone
  • Edit the formula as follows (change the distributor id to the one you want to exclude) and save

ISCHANGED( n2de__Last_distributed__c ) && n2de__Is_distributed__c && ( n2de__Distributor__c != 'distributor id')

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