Email Notifications

Email Notifications - Introduction

If you would like your team members to be notified when Distribution Engine assigns, alerts or reassigns then you can enable a workflow rule provided with the package. From the Setup area click Creat…

Updated 3 months ago

Custom Email Notifications

The Distribution Engine includes a standard Email notification workflow rule within the package. However you can create your own Email notifications and use your own email templates. This is achieved…

Updated 3 months ago

Disabling Standard Email Notifications

You can disable the Distribution Engine Email notifications completely by deactivating the workflow rule. You can also disable the notifications on a per distributor basis. At the team level, disabli…

Updated 3 months ago

Customising the Email Template

DE comes with a standard Email template for Email notifications. If you want to customise the template, to change the style or add more fields, follow the video below...

Updated 3 months ago

Disabling Custom Email Notifications

If you need to disable all Email notifications you can deactive your workflow rule. You can also exclude certain teams or distributors from receiving email notifications. This is an advanced topic fo…

Updated 5 months ago

From Email Address

By default the Salesforce Email notification will have a from address of the user who started the Distribution Engine scheduler. You may want to change this e.g. to a generic [email protected] emai…

Updated 5 months ago