Scheduler Logs List

The Scheduler Logs page shows the logs for the recent runs that Distribution Engine has performed. For information on how to use the logs pages click here.

Logs fields:

The scheduler logs have the following information for each log:

  • Date: The date and time that the log was created for this Distribution Engine run.
  • Type: The type of job that ran:
    • Scheduler - the main Distribution Engine job that assign records to team members through teams and distributors
    • Health Checker - checks that all other jobs are working correctly
    • Archiver - if auto-archiving is enabled, moves old records that can't be assigned to a different queue
    • Match Data Preparation - runs when lead matching is turned on, and matching by account domain is enabled, to process contacts
    • Assignment Simulation - performs simulated assignments
  • Number of Assignments: How many assignments the scheduler made during the current run
  • Time Taken: How long the current run took in seconds
  • Status: Displays whether the selected run errored.


When a record has an error recorded in the status column, details of that error can be seen in the sidepanel. The sidepanel is opened by clicking on the row of the record.


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