Distribution Console

Distribution Consoles allow you to monitor the current state of Distribution Engine, whether this is the operational state, how much of a pipeline each distributor has, how many records have been assigned today or even which reps are available.

Distribution Logs

Distribution Engine keeps logs for all major systems, these logs are accessible through the Distribution Logs tab.

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Distribution Analytics

You can monitor your Distribution Engine assignments, including overall distribution volumes, break down by user / distribution rule from the Distribution Analytics tab. Team - select the team to dis…


Distribution Engine Details Object

The Distribution Details object is a related object on cases, opportunities, leads, contacts, and accounts that holds information obtained by the Distribution Engine Classifier. You can add the Distr…


Distribution Engine Dashboard

The Distribution Engine managed package includes a Salesforce Dashboard. This shows a number of prebuilt charts to display on Distribution Engine log data. Distribution Volumes - overall distribution…


Salesforce Reports

Distribution Engine is a native Salesforce application and so all its data resides in your Salesforce org. This means you can leverage Salesforce reporting to create your own custom reports. Some exa…


Reports - Leads and Distribution Logs

Distribution Engine keeps a history of the assignments it makes in a custom object called Distribution log. You can view this log data on the Distribution Logs tab. If you would like to display more…


Change History

Distribution Engine can keep an audit history of the configuration changes made in the tool, and who made them. This can help you troubleshoot issues e.g. see if a team has been recently modified if…