Distributor Test Tool (Legacy)

We are commonly asked why Leads / Cases are "stuck in the queue". This is usually because they are excluded by active status or distributor filters. The Distributor test tool helps you diagnose these common reasons with a click of a button.

A newer version of the test tool is now available from the lightning inline page and distributor settings page. Click here to learn more

You can access the test tool by clicking the test icon next to the distributor on the Distribution Console Queues sub-tab


The tool includes 2 tabs: 

  • Filters: Diagnose a specific record via its Id to test if that record matches the distributor's filters.
  • Team Members: Diagnose a specific record to see which team members are valid and available for assignment.    
You can find the Salesforce Id of a Lead or Case by copying and pasting from the URL. e.g. Opening a lead in Salesforce might give you a URL of https://na9.salesforce.com/00QE000000XEt0t. So your ID would then be 00QE000000XEt0t. 


The Filters tab enables testing a specific record against the distributor's filters to see if the distributor would assign it.  This tab will check the Active status definition, the distributor's filters and if the Distribution Classifier is enabled will indicate if the 'DE Classifier Status' field is 'Done'.  

Team members

The Team member tab enables testing against team member availability and team member filters on the distributors.  Enter the Id of a specific record (e.g .Lead / Case) you want to test to see why it's not being assigned to a particular team member. This will give a breakdown of which team members are valid for assignment if any.

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