Distribution Logs List

The Distribution Logs page shows the logs of assignments that Distribution Engine has performed. For information on how to use the logs pages click here.


Log Fields

The Distribution Logs list shows the following information for each log:

Assignment Date: The date and time that the assignment occurred

Name: The name of the assigned record. Click the name to navigate directly to the record

Status: This field will display if the record is in one of the following states:

  • SLA Alert - If the record has failed an SLA
  • Reassigned - If the record has been reassigned by auto reassign
  • Rejected - If the record has been rejected by its owner or a manager
  • On Hold - The record is on hold due to distribution failures. These records can be retried from the Distribution Logs page
  • Error  - The record has encountered an error. The log side panel will display more information about the error

Object: The type of object that was assigned

Team: The Distribution Engine team that assigned the record

Distributor:  The distributor that assigned the record

Method: The method used by the distributor that assigned the record, will also show if it was a sticky or substitue assignment

Assignee: The team member who was assigned the record


Sidepanel Fields:

Current Assigned User:  The user who is currently assigned the record that was assigned



Where enabled on the distributor, records can be rejected by the owner or a manager/admin from the Distribution Logs page. Records can be rejected from the sidepanel or row menu.


Where records are on hold, they can be retried to attempt to distribute them again. To retry records, select Retry from the row menu, or to retry all records that are on hold, press the retry all button.

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