Distributing from a Designated User

Salesforce only provides queues for Lead, Case, Task and custom objects.  To work with other objects (such as Opportunities, Accounts, Tasks and Contacts) Distribution Engine can distribute from a specified user rather than a queue. 

Choosing a "Distribute From" user

In place of a queue you will use a specific Salesforce user to own the objects waiting to be assigned. This user is called a holding user or "Distribute From" user. If you have a spare Salesforce license, you could create a new user for this purpose. Otherwise, it can be any Salesforce user with permissions to own the object you want to distribute. We recommend using a user who would not normally own records so that there is no confusion.

Team Members that are set as the Source of a distributor, will not receive assignments from that distributor. 

Placing your objects under a "Distribute From" user

In the same way that you add your Leads / Cases to queues, you need to move the objects ready for distribution to your Distribute From user. You can do this using a Salesforce workflow rule to update the owner field. The example below shows new Opportunities moved to a holding user using a field update workflow action.


Creating a Distribution Team

You will need a new team to distribute your object. Create the team in the normal way and choose the object you want to distribute. See Creating a team topic for details.

Distribution rule - distribute from user 

Within your team you will need one or more Scheduled distributors. In each distributor you will need to set the "Distribute from user".




Distribution Engine will take objects owned by the "Distribute from" user and assign using the algorithms and filters you select - in exactly the same way as with Lead and Case.

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