Team Member Distribution Hours

Each team has set distribution hours. These are the default working hours for everyone in the team. However, you can override this for selected team members e.g. if a team member is working part-time.

Team Member Hour Modes

Team Member hours can either be set to an existing shift or as individual hours, which are assigned to a user until manually changed, or they can use the Shift Planner, which allows for changes to a team member's shift to be planned up to twelve weeks in advance. To change between the modes, click the link in the top right-hand corner of the Team member hours page.


For more information about the shift planner, click here.


Editing Team member Hours

  • From the Distribution Teams tab select a team
  • Click Distribution Hours
  • Click a team member
  • In the panel set the hours to either Shift or Individual
  • For Shift, select the desired one from the dropdown 
  • For Individual, click the edit button at the bottom of the panel
  • Select the hours for this team member - Optionally click "Copy to all" to copy the Monday hours to all other days
  • Add block allows you to create breaks. Times with +1 are for overnight hours - +1 indicates the next day
  • Ensure the timezone is correct
  • Click OK and then Save in the panel.

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